Latest Crossy Road Cheats, Secrets, Hints, Tips and Tricks For Mystery Character

Latest Crossy Road Cheats, Secrets, Hints, Tips and Tricks For Mystery Character

Are you a crossy road game fan? Do you want maximum coins? Then you have come to the right place. Please read carefully and enjoy the crossy road cheats. These crossy road cheats are for gamers passionate about crossy roads and who want to have maximum coins for free. With a simple interface, once it has been activated, it’s very easy to use.

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Crossy Road Cheats and Hacks:

Crossy road mod apk is very interesting and addictive game in-game community for all android and ios devices. Crossy road apk is developed by Hipster Whale. The Crossy road game is inspired by other similar games like Temple Run 2 and Disco Zoo, & Flappy Bird. The main purpose of crossy road game is to hope as far as you can across various terrain (roads, rivers etc.) without letting your character get hit by cars and trucks. There are many characters for unlock, so you can easily unlock these characters which adds freshness and replayability to the game.

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Crossy Road game is the very interesting puzzle and adventure game. Its allows you to play as multiple different characters that attempt to cross roads. It is a ton of fun, but getting premium resources can be difficult and obviously expensive. So by downloading our free crossy road cheat mod apk, you can get your premium resources with minimal effort utilizing our unique crossy road cheats. We have worked long and hard to bring a totally 100% working crossy road cheats for download with a much more user-friendly interface.

Crossy road cheats for characters:

Crossy Road is an unforgettable arcade hopper game, and it is becoming a hit among various gaming platforms. Now on iOS and Android, this game has received a substantial amount of positive reviews from gamers and critics alike. For those of you that have not heard of Crossy Road, you are missing out. Supposedly, this game was based on the joke: Why did the chicken cross the road?

Crossy road cheats game summary:

The innovative, free to play the game has captured the hearts of over 20 million players! You can play with over 50 diverse characters as you make your way through endless levels of fun. Collect coins along the way to help unlock other characters and stuff in the shop. Hopping through streets, rivers, and whatever else comes your way, this gaming experience is different with every gameplay. Dodging various cars, trucks, logs, etc. adds another unpredictable element and keeps the game interesting. With in-app purchases and the variety of characters available to unlock, the game can be customizable for any players need.

Crossy road secret characters:

Crossy Road has around 50 characters to unlock and play with. They have anything from just a regular chicken to famous Youtuber, Pewdiepie’s pug. Some of these characters are simple as they only change the look of the character jumping. But, certain characters do unleash special abilities when played. Any of these characters can be bought through in-app purchases, or with every 100 coins, you get you to have the option of getting a random new character. Sometimes you get a character you already have, as it completely random.

If that is the case, you get nothing at all. The only character that is impossible to get from the random selection is the Piggy Bank. While playing, Piggy Bank significantly increases the coins you collect. In the in-app purchase, the cost about 4 times more than the average character, because of his special ability.

There are mystery characters available in the game, Gifty and Hipster Whale. For Gifty, play as the Festive Chicken and jump on a Christmas tree. After the game ends, Gifty will be available. Hipster Whale is very hard to find. It is a very rare character in the game, as it is the game’s mascot. Sometimes you see Hipster Whale swimming around in the water. By jumping on the whale instead of a log, you will unlock Hipster Whale. There are also several characters that have Easter eggs as you play:

-Doge- The game will turn into an internet meme
-Frankenstein- The game turns black and white with random lightening
-Dim lighting, while coins look extra shiny
-Poopy Pigeon- Poopy Pigeon poops. Everywhere.
-Unihorse- Rainbow follow jumps of player
-Mad Wizard- Mad Wizard shoots lightning at trees
-Vampire- Vampire will turn into a bat
-Baseball Player- Player will randomly hit home runs

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Crossy road cheats for android:

With the need for coins, some people will look to cheats for help. There are many crossy road cheats and hacks listed on the internet, but it is strongly advisable to never give your name and personal info for these, as it is usually a scam. These scams do not work, and their only goal is to steal your info. There currently is only one hack that I have found that works and does NOT require personal info to be included.

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The app hack is currently available on all devises the regular game is on. Download the app, then just click the device you are using it on and it will sync with your crossy road account. From there, you can input the number of coins that your account has. You can also unlock all the characters and get rid of advertisements from this app also.

The game id a fun and exciting game whether cheats are used or not. The huge collection of characters and Easter eggs makes every gameplay different and keeps players on their toes. The game is pretty much endless, with no one beating the game yet, and provides an almost primal side of the player, who has the need to win. In this game, it is jump or dies.

Crossy road cheats include versions:

  • crossy road cheats apk 0.5
  • crossy road cheats apk 1.0
  • crossy road cheats apk 2.0
  • crossy road cheats apk 2.4
  • crossy road cheats apk 2.5
  • crossy road cheats apk 3.0
  • crossy road cheats apk 380
  • crossy road cheats apk 4sh
  • crossy road cheats apk 4.0
  • crossy road cheats apk 4.2
  • crossy road cheats apk 5.0
  • crossy road cheats apk 5.1
  • crossy road cheats apk 5.1.1
  • crossy road cheats apk 6.0
  • crossy road cheats apk 7.0
  • crossy road cheats apk 8.0
  • crossy road cheats apk 9.0

Crossy Road Tips and Tricks Cheats, Secrets, Hints:

Use a strategy:

There are 2 possible strategies you can do first it is to collect all the coins you can along the way. So be unlocked characters and move forward in the game. OR other serious strategies not paying attention to coins and only focus on reaching as far as you can be very careful when crossing streets, railways and everything that crosses you in this way you will get gifts that will give you unlimited coins or characters.

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Press the finger:

In case you realize that you have taken a step that will cost you your life, leave it pressed and do not let go of your finger until the danger disappears. For example, you are jumping to the front very fast but at the last jump the train or some car, do not let go of your finger until this danger happens when you release it immediately your character will take the step. Many times with this simple movement we can save ourselves.

 Cross the rivers with style:

When crossing a river try to do it in the middle of it, because if you get too close to the banks when passing the level where it changes color from light to dark. The current will automatically drag you and you will lose the game. Also be careful with the trunks to cross as these are very treacherous without counting the crocodiles if you go up a crocodile tries to fall on the back or tail because if you try to fall on the head of this will devour you.

 Play in Horizontal Mode:

If you play with your smartphone or your tablet in horizontal mode, you will have better vision and you will be more cautious to the dangers, it is easier than playing in vertical mode, so if you are starting to play this addictive game it would be advisable to play it horizontally.

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Play with Sound:

Do not remove the sound of the game as this helps us when we hear that the train passes or some party passes, these tend to pass with a lot of speed after making the sound and if you do not have the sound activated it is likely to overwhelm you.

Unlock Characters

To unlock new characters there are 2 ways, one is to collect 100 coins and then you can exchange them for a character that will randomly give you 100 coins. The other would be to pay .99 cents to buy the character you want that is your decision. But if you’re looking to unlock secret characters let me tell you that you can not get them or be paying for them, for this there is a series of steps depending on the character you want to unlock.

We are updating daily on crossy road cheats and tricks, character unlocks.

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