Crossy Road Cheats For Android – Unlimited Mystery Characters, Coin Cheat and Glitch

Crossy Road Cheats For Android:

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Crossy Road Cheats For Android – Mystery Characters, Coin Cheat and Glitch:

How to unlock all the mysterious characters:

Crossy road apk has had such success that Disney itself wanted to launch a new edition but with most of the characters well known by all of that Lion King, Toy Story or The Haunted House. A new approach to the magic of this company in which we can approach characters like Mickey Mouse or become Buzz Lightyear to go to infinity with those grandiose and fun jumps.

Like the first, Disney Crossy Road is well packed with all kinds of characters. Hiro of Big Hero 6 or all the emotions of Del Revers, or those Toy Story toys. There are also some mysterious characters in the form of secret figures that you have to complete certain missions in order to unlock them. They cannot be obtained from the mysterious coin machine or bought with real money, but through the guide, you will find below where you can discover how to get all.

Finding Mortimer: Crossy Road Cheats For Android

Crossy Road Cheats For Android

Mortimer is the only character that can be found while crossing the road. To get it you need to play with Mickey Mouse, the main character of Disney Crossy Road. In a totally random moment and for which you will need to play a little, you will find a clear where you will find Mortimer and his guitar.

When you have it in sight, you approach him and wait for him to take out his guitar. Once you have done it, you will already have it unlocked.

Apples, Tarts, and Cherries: Crossy Road Cheats For Android

In Disney Crossy Roads there are certain objects to collect when we play with some characters. They are small objects that appear just like the coins and that you have to collect in order to opt for certain mysterious characters.

Crossy Road Cheats For Android

For example, if you collect 50 objects (it does not need to be only one pull, but can be accumulated), you will unlock certain special characters

  • Warthog (Tangled): Unlock by collecting 50 cakes while playing as Attila
  • Captain of the Guard (Tangled): unlocked when you pick up 50 apples while playing with Maximus

The various mysterious characters to unlock:

Many of the mysterious characters that can be accessed only appear when a set of specific characters has been unlocked. The hard part is knowing which characters they are and what they do in order to access those characters that can not be unlocked with money or coins.

Crossy Road Cheats For Android device

  • Elephant Finnick (Zootopia): unlocked when the “Masters of Disguise” set is completed. Possibly related to the armor.
  • Gideon (Zootopia) is unlocked when the set “Top of the food chain” is completed. Includes Stains and Mr Otterton.
  • Chip (Mickey & Friends): available when the “Crazy Critters” set is completed. This includes Dale and the Gargoyle.
  • Dale (Mickey and Friends): unlocks when the “Fab 5” set is completed. Supposedly consists of Mickey, Poka Dot Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.
  • Lenny (Toy Story): can be unlocked when the “Toy Story 1” set is completed. Includes Buzz, Woody, Bo Beep, Slinky, and Rex.
  • The prospector (Toy Story): unlocked when the “Toy Story 2” set is completed. Includes Zurg, Wheezy, Babyhead and Janey Doll.
  • The Cat Lady: available with the “Leading Ladies” set, which includes Judy Hopps, Rapunzel, and Joy.
  • Gus (The Haunted House): available from the set “Spooky Spirits”. You have Phineas Plump, Madame Leota, and Executioner.
  • Hiccup (The Lion King): you can access it from the set “Humble Beginning” that includes Simba, Nala Rafiki, and Zazu.
  • Giraffe (King Lion): unlocks when the “Big and Tall” set is completed. It would include Jerry Jumbeaux Jr.
  • Fred (Big Hero 6): unlocked with the “Best Friends” set. Includes Hiro Hamada, Baymax, Go Go Tomago, Wasabi and Honey Lemon.
  • Alistair Krei (Big Hero 6): with the “Top Dogs” set that includes The King or The King.
  • Mother Gothel (Tangled): you can access it with “Feels Good to be Bad”. Includes Stabbington Brother 1 and Stabbington Brother 2.
  • The King (Tangled): for the “Honorable Men” set. Includes Mayor Lionheart.
  • Bobby (Upside Down): with the Brain Maintenance set “and includes Dave, Paula, Brain Worker and Bing Bong.
  • Fritz (Upside down): unlocked with the “Feeling emotional” set. Includes Joy, Sadness, Dislike, and Fear
  • Don (Wreck-It Ralph): available with the “Short and Stout” set. Includes Mr. Big.
  • Deanna (Wreck-It Ralph): unlocked with the “Citizens of Niceland” set. It would include Ralph, Felix, Gene, and Mary.

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