Crossy Road Cheats For Secret Characters – How to get Secret Characters

Crossy Road Cheats For Secret Characters:

Get crossy road hacks and tricks about how to get secret characters in crossy road without invest a single penny. This crossy road cheats for characters will 100% working for android and ios.

Crossy Road Cheats For Secret Characters: How to get Secret Characters

Are you already addicted to Crossy road game apk? It’s hard not to be! Surely then you have entered the gallery of characters to see what you can get and you’re crazy thinking about the five that appear in black, those mysterious characters that you do not know what they are or how to get them.

Do you want to do with them at all costs? It’s possible! Of course, you’ll have to play a lot and be lucky, but you sure do. In we tell you how to get the secret characters of Crossy Road.

Hipster Whale: Crossy Road Cheats

This Hipster Whale is nothing other than the logo of the Crossy road developer company, Hipster Whale. To get hold of it, you’ll have to pay attention to the rivers you cross.

Do you suddenly see a strange blue object that could be a whale? Jump on him and then out of him. Continue playing until you lose. You will see that when you finish the game Crossy road will tell you that you have unlocked a new character: yes, Hipster Whale.

Crossy Road Cheats For Secret Characters

Andy Sum, Ben Weatherall, and Matt Hall:

These three are none other than the creators of Crossy Road, which in the latest update of the game have decided to include themselves as secret characters. How to get them? Getting your maximum score – or being very close – while you play with your favorite characters. That is, to get Andy, you will have to get that score by playing with Wild Duck; for Ben, with the Dark Lord; and for Matt, with Lucky Cat.


This latest Australian update also introduced the Crab. To get it, first of all, you have to be playing with one of the Australian characters (that is, you should be in a landscape of sand and cactus). Once there, every time you are in the sand slide your finger to the left and right like crazy. If you do it a sufficient number of times, you will get the crab.


dropbear is a fictional character that has been a kind of carnivore and killer koala. And it’s also in the Australian update! To get it you’ll have to be playing with the Australian characters. Once there, you will find it uploaded to a tree somewhere along the way. Get as close as you can: the koala will jump on you and kill you, but in return, you will have a new character.


This is an added bonus at Christmas: a chicken (we assume) inside a gift box. To get it you have to be playing with the festive chick (you can get it for free in the character catalog). At some point, you will start to hear Christmas bells and you will find a Christmas tree that will fill you with gifts. The next time you spin the roulette to get a gift, it will be Gifty.

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