Disney Crossy Road Cheats – How to Unlock all Mystery Secret Characters

Disney Crossy Road Cheats:

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Disney Crossy Road Cheats – How to Unlock all Mystery Secret Characters:

Disney Crossy Road Cheats - How to Unlock all Mystery Secret Characters

For all Crossy road apk fans can unlock some secret characters with these simple tricks.

disney crossy road will help you to unlock the 8 mysterious characters of the game that are: the Hipster Whale, Gifty, Crab, Drop Bear, Cai Shen, the developers Andy Sum, Ben Weatherall and Matt Hall.

To unlock them: How to Unlock all Mystery Secret Characters

  • Hipster Whale: will appear randomly swimming in the river, once you see it you have to jump on your back to unlock the character. The degree of difficulty increases because it is very rare to appear.
  • Gifty: Play the “Festive Chicken” and look for a field with Christmas trees. It is difficult to find and probably you should try several times, but the track is Christmas music and with that, you will know that you are close.
  • Crab: Can be obtained with any character from Crossy Road. You have to slide to the left and right at least 49 times and have a score above 40 or more in a single game.
  • Cai Shen: This is only available on iOS, you must play with one of the Chinese New Year characters, such as Chicken of Fortune or Xi. Collect 21 or more red wrappings in total, which can be unlocked in different rounds, plus you can die between game and game.
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Developers: To unlock them you must get a new high score or at least one high enough, which would represent 85% of your current highest mark.

  • Andy Sum: Play with Mallard and do your best to have a high score.
  • Ben Weatherall: You must play with Dark Lord and try to get many points.
  • Matt Hall: Play with Lucky Cat.

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